Friday, 26 February 2016

Nasha Mukti Kendra In Delhi

Shantiratn Foundation is the best nasha mukti kendra in Delhi. It has served as a pathfinder in this alcohol and drug nasha mukti Kendra. Shantiratn nasha mukti kendra is the spot to discover trust and peace. In the event that anybody is experiencing extreme medications and madira vyasan, then allude Shantiratn foundation. This association has an organized methodology in managing compulsion patients and produces productive results.

Shantiratn foundation believes in the saying,
“Everyday is the second chance.”

Shantiratn Foundation serves three basic treatments:

1.       Alcohol De-addiction treatment
2.       Dual Diagnosis treatment
3.       Drug De-addiction treatment

Shantiratn itself means, ‘jewel of peace’. It is founded by Mr. Inderjeet Singh in the year, 2014.As a recouping someone who is addicted himself, he works with a group of specialists, instructors, and psycho-social advisors to offer patients some assistance with recovering from the malady of enslavement.

The primary four centres of Shantiratn foundation are:     

  1. ·         Rehabilitation Centre
  2. ·         Nasha Mukti Kendra
  3. ·         Detox Centre
  4. ·         De-addiction Centre

Shantiratn nasha mukti kendra revolves around these 5 key elements:

1.       Help
2.       Support
3.       Advice
4.       Guidance
5.       Assistance

Facilities provided at Shantiratn nasha mukti Kendra are:

·         AC Rooms
·          Cooler Rooms
·          3 Meals a day with 3 times tea
·          MILK, Eggs and Fruits
·          In House Doctor
·         Recreational and Sports facilities
·          Open area with garden and playground
·          Washing machine
·         Power Backup
·         Fully Furnished Accommodation
·         Clean Toilets Indian and Western style
·         Bathrooms with Geysers
·         Temple for Prayer and Meditation
·         Kitchen Garden

12 Step- Program Carried At Shantiratn Foundation:

The contamination model of habit has following a long time prior battled the maladaptive cases of alcohol and substance use appeared by ward individuals are the outcome of a profound established ailment that is natural in origination and exacerbated by environmental potential outcomes. This conceptualization renders the individual fundamentally weak over his or her unsafe practices and not ready to stay quiet free from any other individual or herself, much as individuals with a terminal ailment can't fight the disease autonomous from any other person without pharmaceutical. Behavioral treatment, in this way, in a general sense obliges individuals to surrender their obsession, renounce their past lifestyle, and search for a solid casual group who can offer them some help with resisting the urge to panic. Such approachs are the quintessential components of Twelve-stage programs, at first dispersed in the book Alcoholics Anonymous in 1939. These philosophies have met noteworthy measures of criticism, starting from foes who contradict the significant religious presentation on both mental and lawful grounds. Regardless, paying little mind to this criticism, result considers have revealed that organization together with twelve-stage programs predicts self control achievement at 1-year follow-up for alcohol misuse. Unmistakable results have been followed diverse medications, with the twelve stages being less useful for addicts to unlawful substances, and least beneficial to those subject to the physiologically and rationally addicting opioids, for which upkeep medicines are the best quality level of thought.

Contact Address and Details Of Shantiratn Foundation are:


I-80, Hari Nagar Extention,
Jaitpur, Badarpur,
New Delhi 110019

Mobile : +91- 99118 10801

Other : +011-6050 0801